stockholm fika

 Fika roughly means coffee break in Swedish. Like the English 5 o'clock tea, the Italian aperitivo, the Spanish merienda, this is the Swedish ritual of slowing down and squeezing in between. Although it is actually an exotic product, the Swedes consume so much coffee that it has now become a family member. Sweden, along with other Nordic countries and Canada, is one of the world's top coffee consuming destinations. Fika is the time Swedes have for themselves during the day with a cup of coffee. Drinking coffee like that and to-go glasses are not very good. In order to have fika, you need to enjoy the coffee. As coffee is such an important building block in daily life, Stockholm is home to wonderful cafes and bakeries. We will now suggest you the most popular fika spots in Stockholm. Before we start, let us briefly introduce you to Kanelbulle, the classical accompaniment of fika. Cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom buns are one of the cornerstones of Swedish cuisine, just like bagels fo